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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading asphalt maintenance company in Arkansas, we at Arkansas Asphalt Solutions understand that you may have various queries about our services. Therefore, we’ve prepared an elaborate FAQ section to help you find quick and accurate responses to some of your most commonly asked questions. From inquiries about our processes and more, we aim to provide transparent and thorough information.

How long does asphalt usually last?

When it comes to durability, asphalt, on its own, can serve you diligently for about 15 years. This lifespan, however, can drastically increase with regular and quality maintenance. With proper maintenance such as seal coating, regular crack filling and repairs, and more, asphalt can double its lifespan, lasting for up to 30 years!

how do i know if my Parking lot needs new line striping?

If you’re questioning whether your parking lot needs new line striping, here are a few key indicators. The parking lot lines may be fading or not clearly visible due to wear and tear or harsh weather conditions.
Parking lot line striping not only ensures order and safety but is also a legal requirement.
The visibility of these lines is critical as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.
In addition, parking lots with visible, clear, and properly organized line striping reflect well on your business, demonstrating a level of professionalism and attention to detail.
If the lines in your parking lot are fading or hard to see, it might be time to consider line striping solutions from Arkansas Asphalt.

What is the biggest cause asphalt aging?

When asphalt is exposed to water, the moisture can penetrate its surface, causing it to deteriorate. Furthermore, debris such as dirt, leaves, and other objects can accumulate on asphalt surfaces.
One way to protect your asphalt and extend its lifespan is by seal coating. This process involves applying a protective layer on top of the asphalt, effectively repelling water and preventing debris from directly contacting and damaging the surface.

How often does my asphalt need to be sealcoated?

The frequency of sealcoating depends on a variety of factors such as the volume of traffic, exposure to environmental elements, and the type of sealant used. However, as a general rule of thumb, your asphalt needs to be seal coated every 3 years to maintain its condition and extend its lifespan. It’s always a good idea to consult with our professionals who can inspect the asphalt surface and advise you on the best course of action.

Does Arkansas Asphalt Solutions do paving?

At Arkansas Asphalt Solutions, we specialize in delivering high-quality maintenance solutions for a wide range of properties. Although we have an extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects, our scope of service does not extend to paving. We only provide maintenance services, and we do not offer asphalt paving.

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